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Strength Training For Boxing Athletes

post-imageThe human nervous system is a marvel of creation, It allows us to think, move create and express ourselves in numerous and varied ways. The complexity and the astonishing measure of the human nervous system are the basis for the near limitless range and precision of human movement.
Directed by the brain, the nervous system transmits every impulse that is directed into the musculo-skeletal system for the activation of both muscular activity and reaction. A systematic boxing program should be designed and implemented to optimize athletic performance, not maximum strength.
When training in Boxing, the central nervous system is conditioned to respond faster and more efficiently through skill training and repetitive punching combination drills.
Nonetheless, the proper training modalities for boxers emphasizes a unique mix of neural training and a well rounded blend of strength training that emphasizes inter-muscular coordination, rapid and repeated movements, relaxation of muscles, muscular endurance and high levels of anaerobic capacity. The well disciplined nervous system is the true indicator of strength, not massive muscles.
One should train for victory not failure. The ultimate goal of any contact sport athlete is to vanquish your adversary, not to lift the maximum amount of weight in the gym.
John Gonzalez, is an Independent boxing trainer offering 1 on 1 coaching, and located in Tempe, AZ