Gonzalez Boxing Testimonial By Matt Strangwayes

JoseandIMitts - post2Boxing training with Coach John Gonzalez helps keep my body strong and my mind sharp. Well into my forties and having experienced my share of sports injuries, I am very particular about how I exercise. When I first started training with Coach John I was optimistic, yet apprehensive, about whether my knees and shoulders would be able to perform at a level that would validate investing the resources, both his and mine. In addition to physical considerations, I’m typically not drawn to endeavors that don’t possess a dynamic element to maintain my attention. If it’s boring, I won’t do it – no matter how much I should. Coach John was able to quickly assess my capabilities, and/or lack thereof, and cater the initial session appropriately.
Over the course of the first year of training at Gonzalez Boxing, I have progressively improved the mechanics and performance of my knees and shoulders. My core is stronger and my balance and hand-eye coordination have improved. Boxing training invigorates my circulatory, respiratory, muscular, skeletal and nervous systems, and is a lot of fun.
Working with focus mitts not only trains your entire body – it trains your brain. Each lesson with Coach John challenges me to “stay present.” Training sessions typically include both the introduction of new techniques and the continual reinforcement and improvement of the foundations – often with deeper insight into the application, history and subtleties of each strike, feint, slip or parry. Coach John’s knowledge of other combat sports gives him an especially well-rounded perspective to share with clients. If you are looking for way to exercise your body and mind while building a valuable new skill set, call Coach John Gonzalez.